<What is Routes of Being?>

It is an art created by Satoshi Dáte with the concept of “By looking at yourself and correcting yourself as you are, you can improve the world as a whole.”

Routes of Being is routes meaning “the way to create” and, with the same pronunciation, roots that mean “your roots”. Being consists of the meanings of “to be” and “human”.

If you compare yourself to a tree, if you correct the roots, the trunks and branches that grow from the ground will continue to grow healthy forever, creating an unknown new life and world.

In modern society, we must live with various oppression, anxieties, and emptiness.
We have the illusion that we have to look and be the same as the people around us because we are in a world where people are superior or inferior and attack people who are different from everyone, who have new ideas, and who live in their own way.

However, rather than “change from the outside” (money, things, status, etc.) “Focus on the inner changes that you can make yourself” So you can live at your own pace even in a complex modern society. Regardless of the restraints, pressures and influences of family, friends, lovers, others and society around you, simply focusing on yourself will open up a new path that suits you best.

A London-based artist Satoshi Dáte, has been able to feel joy and peace of mind in any situation and environment and correct himself as a true self through his experience in the UK.

Instead of pursuing temporary happiness, he finds himself as he is and works with the participants to think of ways to make life itself more enjoyable.

Salon is a community based on this concept. This salon is a place where you can learn together in a safe space without being evaluated.

illustration of a tree with items attached to its branches
Core Members: Satoshi Dáte, Tanga Wanda, Marcello Malavasi

Satoshi Date The owner of this online salon. You can see his biography below.

Marcello Malavasi He is a philosopher and conducted research on social cognition and collective intelligence. He is a practitioner of complexity theory, advising companies on strategy. Currently, he works for an NGO, fighting any form of inequality and oppression. As a person, He is not free until everyone is. Every mind is already always free.

twitter: @celeratimx

Tanga Wanda He is a founder of “Spririt Forge”, an educational institution to cultivate creativity. He has been working in schools and communities across the UK as a facilitator since 2014, delivering P4C (Philosophy for Children), Hip Hop workshops, CPD and well-being days, working with numerous charities such as ‘The Philosophy Foundation’, ‘Breakin’ Convention’ and ‘The Icarus Trust’. Tanga is also a founding member of Inner Peace Records , and he brings this experience as a Hip Hop artist into his practice as a facilitator, bringing an element of creativity, insight and play. He is a black belt in Aikido and Kenjutsu (Japanese Swordsmanship) and has since taught at Tetsushinkan Dojo in North London.
* Social art

Unlike art such as drawing and making music, the purpose is to actively engage in the real world and bring about some kind of “change” from people’s daily lives to existing social systems through the process of participation and dialogue. A general term for the activities of the artists

<What is your true self?>

To be yourself is your true nature. You might say, “My current state is my true self therefore it’s okay” However, most of us think and act under the influence of others and the surrounding environment. Do you think you are acting 100% off of your own initiative?

  • I think I’m happy to a certain extent, but I’m not sure if I’m really happy
  • I am living a life decided by others
  • I am living a life decided by others
  • I don’t know what to do

If you feel like those, your current state is not your true self. Being your true self will make your life more enjoyable and you will be able to act naturally. I think it is difficult for any person to always be “as is”. Therefore, it is necessary to return yourself to the “center / origin”. By gradually expanding the world where you feel comfortable, you will be able to stay your true self in any environment.

<The reason for creating this salon>

ーThe more delicate people who feel suffering, the closer they are to true happinessー
illustration of people gathering

Living in Japan and the UK, I learned what parts of Western and Eastern traditional cultures I respect and what parts I need to change. I think London is the most open and personally respected region in the world. That is why I live in a meaningful way.

Many Japanese students come to the UK in search of a new life because they feel suffocated by Japanese society. I have personally had discussions with such people.
During the discussions, I realized that they were not helped in society.

Pure, delicate and sensitive people are victims of modern society. However, I learned that this was the true nature of people, and that they were suffering in the world and trying hard to obtain true happiness.

While talking about various social issues with such people and thinking repeatedly, I realized that a world full of “temporary happiness” is keeping us away from “true happiness.”

I’m a person who creates art, but I don’t think art alone can change the world. So I started this project with the desire to bring people together from different backgrounds like you, help each other, generate innovative ideas, and create a community that changes organically.

At first glance, finding “personality” and “talking about social issues” may seem different. I think there is such a deep interrelationship in which the current state of society robs people of their “personality” and the majority of individuals who have lost sight of their “self” are building the present society.

Instead of criticizing or attacking the society, by understanding such things and looking at them objectively, accepting them and not feeling pressure, I think I will be able to create a [free] self who will not escape from modern society.

Instead of criticizing or attacking the society, by understanding such things and looking at them objectively, accepting them and not feeling pressure, I think I will be able to create a [free] self who will not escape from modern society.

As we continue to refrain from going out all over the world, I feel that the contradictions in the structure of society are becoming apparent. I would like to think with you about our new “how to live” First of all, I hope to create a “place where you can connect” around this salon.

<Story of salon owner Satoshi Dáte>

Here’s a brief background of mine.
Since I was little I was never accustomed to Japanese society. It was very stuffy to live while being aware of the differences from the surroundings, and I was afraid to become an adult who created such a world.
I was shy, unconfident, unable to communicate, and was said to be “dark.” I was afraid to speak in public and had few friends.
When I decided to study abroad for the first time, my junior high school friend made a fool of me saying“You don’t know the reality”, and at that time I didn’t know what to say back. I attended an art preparatory school aiming for Tokyo University of the Arts, but I failed the exams and was completely overwhelmed.

However, at this time, the words However, at this time, the words came to my mind.

This was when I realized that it wouldn’t do anything if I just kept facing the wall that was standing against me, or if I kept going like others.
From there, life changed.
After a one-month stay in Boston and New York, which was a turning point in my life, I decided to study fashion in London. I graduated from the world-famous art university St Martins Women’s Clothing Division, where directors of brands such as Dior and Givenchy were enrolled.
As I started my new study abroad life in London, I faced the feeling of loneliness in a different culture and tried to pave the way for myself. I was faced with various difficulties, and I was often driven to the edge of despair and frustration.
However, by accepting myself, understanding myself more deeply, and gradually raising the hurdles, I was able to overcome various challenges. I was deeply immersed in different cultures, had various discussions with people with different ideas and backgrounds, and incorporated everything.

After this, I will participated in London Fashion Week, but I entered the world of art where I wanted to try expressions that communicate directly with each other.

In recent years, I’ve been doing Aikido and Kashima Shinryu for my practice and trying to heal my trauma with Jung psychotherapy.

And I also try to heal people. As a counselor and life coach, I have been consulting many people. Nowadays, “QET” Quality of Existence Therapy (a therapy in which both the listener and the narrator exchange true words and give awareness to the narrator in the space between the resting unconsciousness and consciousness) brings out the true self.

By exploring the deep spiritual world with the counselor, I gradually began to see what the truth was.

And so, I started working with NPOs related to suicide prevention, regional development, and human rights in Japan.
Focusing on educational settings, I visit orphanages, schools, etc., hold workshops and lectures with students, and convey what I have learned in different cultures.
People are “pure and innocent like babies”, and like “hermits -> master ?” at the same time, by having enlightenment, reason, and intellect, I think that an ideal balanced way of life can be achieved.

If you are mentally naked, have no weapons or armor as you are, change the negative things you receive from the outside into positives, and create a transparent garment that accepts anything, I think you will be able to obtain “true happiness for yourself.”

Through my experience in the UK?, various emotions such as passion, delicacy, loneliness, sadness, and anger were gradually affirmed, healed, and I found my true self in my empty heart and was filled with it.

I am still in training, but I hope that the knowledge I gained from my experience will be used as a new guideline for your development. And I believe that we can create a more wonderful world by learning and supporting each other.

<Biography of Satoshi Dáte>

London-based artist Graduated from Central Saint Martins University Women’s Wear. He attracted attention at the London Fashion Week exhibition and the ethical fashion show in Paris. He is also focused on education, having given lectures and workshops at Westminster University, Musashino Art University, Kyoto University of the Arts, Nara Women’s University, Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences, and Fashion University NIFT (India). He also participated in music collaboration at Aoyama Hair Salon Twiggy and Myojuji, Tokyo ->(Tokyo) ?, designing costumes for theater performances sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, and the regional revitalization NPO project “Mirai” (Tottori). In the past, he won a gold medal at the Asia Design Prize for a video work that appeals to Asian social issues. Currently, he is in charge of Tombolo directions at the Hankyu Umeda UK Fair.

Known as: Clione in London

<Salon contents>

  • Video distribution of the owner’s ideas in a wide range of fields such as art, philosophy, psychology, and social issues. Topic request is also possible.
  • Online meetings with native and foreign guests. Artists, philosophers, psychologists, dancers, martial artists, educators, designers, etc. <60 minutes / every 2 months>
  • Online meeting <60 minutes / monthly> Participants share expressions such as art works, words (poems, sentences, ideas) for each topic and interact with other members.
  • A class that enriches creativity. Drawing, design, art, music, etc. <1 hour / month. Only for those who want to participate>
  • Offline meetings in Tokyo, Osaka and London
  • Study session. Introduction of new knowledge and ideas. Books, videos, movies, etc.
  • Workshop retreat in the UK
  • Personal consultation <76 GBP for 50 minutes (63 GBP online)>
  • Charity activities

<Who would fit in this salon?>

If you are one of the following people, you will be satisfied with our salon. Please join us.
  • People who want to find out who they really are
  • People who want to find happiness for themselves
  • Nice friends, people who want to make connections
  • People who want to do something but don’t know what to do
  • People who are worried about the future
  • People who know what they want to do but cannot take action due to money or environment
  • People who have doubts about the current world and how it works
  • People who want to do new things
  • People who want to have confidence
  • People who want to create a better society, the world, and help those who are suffering
  • People who like or are interested in art and design
  • People who want to discover their creativity and enrich their sensibilities

<Please participate in a style that suits you. At our salon, there are no remarks or compulsions to appear. First of all, please feel free to come as a participant> 

<What can I do if I participate in the salon?>

ーIf you change your way of feeling and receiving, your behavior will changeー
  • Even introverts can have a place to communicate in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Build confidence and build the power to live
  • You can interact directly with various experts at online meetings.
  • You can learn art and ideas about art directly from professional artists.
  • Increase your creativity and lead a deeper and more tasteful life
  • Find what you want to be and live naturally
  • Find solutions to relationships with family, friends, lovers, etc.
  • You will be freed from the painful memories of the past, anxiety about the future, financial anxiety, and oppression from society, and you will get real joy.
  • Participate in various projects related to Satoshi Dáte and other artists
  • Meet people with diverse ideas
  • You can receive personal consultation and therapy

Basic plan
Access and post on both Routes of Being Facebook group and Slack
Receive support your life issues, projects, goals and dream from members.
Enable to join online and offline meetings.
Enable to join projects
Joining the retreat

6.60 GBP / month
Free for the first month
(you can unsubscribe at any time)

Standard plan
Basic Plan + Free 40 min life coaching session three times in a year with Satoshi Dáte

20 GBP / month
Free for the first month
(Free Life Coaching session can be started from second month of membership)

Premium plan
Basic Plan + free 40 min life coaching sessions in every month with Satoshi Dáte

52 GBP / month
Free for the first month
(Free Life Coaching session can be started from second month of membership)

<Details such as how to participate>
<About communication platform>

All participants are required to join the Facebook group first. Within the Facebook group, I and the participants, who are the organizers, freely set up threads and function like a “bulletin board” where they discuss specific themes.

Facebook is considered to be an old SNS, but most online salons use Facebook because it has images, video posts, bulletin boards, and privacy management. I’m sure some of you aren’t using it, sorry to trouble you, but please subscribe to Facebook. In addition, videos etc. are distributed by embedding Youtube links.

<How to participate>

Within 2 business days after making a payment with the application button on the page, you will receive an invitation email with the URL of the Facebook group. If you send us a Facebook group participation application, we will allow you to participate after confirming your identity.

* If you do not receive the invitation email within 2 business days, please contact us directly.

<Admission conditions / precautions>
  • Personal information of owners and members is prohibited from being spoken, written, stored, or shared to the outside without the permission of the person in the salon. Personal information includes age, address, phone number, email, sexual orientation, face photo and more.
  • If there is an act that greatly disturbs the order of the community, such as slander or vandalism to a specific member, they may be forcibly withdrawn.
  • If it is determined that your Facebook account is clearly spam, you may be refused membership.
  • After completing the online salon membership application, we will reply to you with an email containing the URL of the Facebook group, but if you do not receive the email from us for some reason, we may refund you without notice. If you do not receive an email from me as the organizer within 2 business days after completing the payment, please send a message directly to my Twitter or Facebook.
  • When you receive an email with the URL of your Facebook group, please apply for participation from there. In addition, we will approve the Facebook group within 1 business day.
  • It is prohibited to post, save, or share the contents (images, videos, data) inside the salon outside the salon (outside the salon, SNS, etc.).

<How to withdraw>

If you wish to withdraw, please be sure to contact the administration office
(info<at sign>
with the following information;

  • Your Facebook name
  • Your email address used for our salon payment

Just leaving our Facebook group does not stop regular payments.

In addition, the salon fee will be revised irregularly, but if the fee is revised after withdrawal, you will not be able to re-participate at the fee before the revision.