Looking into yourself by drawing yourself
– affiliated by Routes of Being

We are going to do a zoom drawing workshop. Satoshi Dáte is going to teach you how to draw face/body and how it is important to draw yourself in order to find true-self. You can create your self-portrait by drawing, collage or painting. Please bring paper, small table mirror, and whatever you want to draw with ie. pencil, pen, paint or magazine/newspaper for collage. workshop will be in Japanese and English. You need a pass-code to entre the room.

ズームにて自画像のワークショップをします。Satoshi Dáteが顔、体のかき方の基本、なぜ自分を描く事が自分を見つめるのに役立つか教えます。 紙とちいさい鏡を用意してください。描くための素材はどんなものでもよいです。(鉛筆、ペン、絵の具、雑誌(コラージュ用)。ワークショップは日本語と英語になります。

2021 October 30 Saturday: UK Time 13pm / 日本時間 21pm
Zoom meeting ID: 829 3437 2659

Please pay by clicking the button below and send email to info < at > with a title of “Paid workshop”. Then member will send you the passcode to enter the workshop room.
下記ボタンからお支払いを終了後 Email> info <at> routesofbeing.comへ 「ワークショップ支払い完了」のタイトルで送信ください。


500 JPY